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Taking over the world

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ooohhh please don't be too fierce with the "getting rid of", Kate. I am most definitely not a spammer on purpose! Just killing a bit of time checking every unread thread on the forum while my colleague is getting lost on her way here with the chickens. Children are running around saying "are they here yet?" very impatiently and it's thunder, lightning and heavy rain outside... Hopefully, the little ones will not be too frightened and the eglu will calm them down.

Laila, the Dane

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Laila! We know you're no spammer!


Just that Eglu's haven't hit Ukraine yet... but plenty of nasty websites come from that way!


Bet you are going mad waiting for your special delivery! Hope they hurry up and find you soon!


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Thanks Annie!

Very reassuring. :D

I AM getting slightly impatient, but will now go and prepare all the bits for the arrival. Will let you all know how it goes. Have the day off tomorrow - have every Wednesday off - but

Oh, they're here!!!!


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Thanks! :D

We are now the proud owners of 4 chickens... My colleague decided to give me all of them because she's not sure how many are cockrels and they are now all bunched up at the back of the eglu fast asleep. Can hardly wait to let them out in the morning to have a proper good look at them. They are black and tan coloured and one has feathery legs and is smaller than the rest, so all very interesting.

Laila, the happy Dane

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