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beach chick

first signs of bickering

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we were out today from 11-4.30, so I left the 4 girls in the eglu and run. let them out as soon as I got home, and they are all facing up to each other, and there is quite a bit of flapping and squawking going on.

they were very cross to be shut in this morning, so is this just teenage stroppiness or are they going to start fighting after being cooped up together? they are usually out for pretty much all day (within omlet fencing) because I work from home, and I havent seen them do this before.

thanks for any advice!

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It's probably just a grump at being shut in the run together - if they are used to spending the day in the garden, then the run can be fairly contricting for them.


I'm sure they'll be fine!

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I suppose it was something new for them to be confined.


It may be best to shut them in the run from time to time just so that they can get used to it when you have to go out and they have to be in and safe. :D


Have you got an extension on your run? :?


This could be an option to give them a little more space when you do go out.

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thanks for that, they seem fine now! (momentary newgirl panic!! - me I mean).

dont really want to get the converter, because they have loads of space otherwise,and we are already on about £500 the first egg!!!!!! they will just have to put up with it, it's not often that there's not someone around to keep an eye on them....

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