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I've just put seven eggs under my broody bantam, Boeing (because she used to do aeroplane impressions round the garden). In her screaming care are five Marans eggs, one Marans x RIR and one of her own (Marans x OEG). The last two are just insurance in case the pure Marans don't hatch, but I thought she deserved one of her own babies after her successful hatching last year :roll: .


I usually find that bantam eggs take around 19 days to hatch, so by my reckoning, I should have some little fluff balls around the 18th June.


Patience is not one of my virtues :lol:

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Well out of my seven eggs, I had five gorgeous Marans chicks hatch. Of the other two, one died after hatching :( and the other didn't hatch (I didn't have the nerve to open it to find out if it was fertile or not).


My babies are now a week old and here are some photos taken a couple of days ago:


Mum showing them how eat



Chick in a rush to find out what Mum has found to eat



Chick perching already!!


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