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rhubarb wine

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We've very excited as started our own rhubarb wine. OH now has a beer kit and is talking about rhubarb/strawberry wine and banana liquor. 8)

We have supplies from a friend-a giant plastic bucket that holds over 5 gallons, glass demi johns (1 gallon), rubber bungs and water seals.

All equipment, bucket, demi johns, spoons has to be sterilised with sodium metabisulphate

I can check amounts with OH,...

1) We chopped up 6-8 lb of rhubarb (from garden) into pieces, added 4 lb of granulated (fairtrade) sugar, and 2 lb of raisins (to take away bitterness). We added boiling water up to 4 gallons which has filled 3, 1 gallon demi johns, and covered with a damp teatowel. You let it cool (20-30 degrees*) and add a starter culture of yeast for fruit wine which you mix from a packet with warm water and 1-2 tsp sugar and should be really frothy. You stir the wine 1-2 times a day and leave for 6 days.

It gurgles and makes a surprising amount of noise :shock:


2) You strain the wine through a sieve and funnel into the demi johns (everything sterilised to avoid adding other microorganisms). We pressed the rhubarb with a ladle to squeeze out the moisture. The fruit you remove can be composted. We filled very near to the top, and OH added 1tbsp of sugar and added the seals. Sediment sinks and it really bubbles at the top, it is quite exciting, but an interesting orangy colour and cloudy. Our friend's ( :angel: award-winning) wine was bright red at the end. :?


We add 1tbsp sugar once a month and leave for 6 months :(

There is a racking process where you siphon off the wine from sediment, and you can filter using fish guts, (as most beer is) but we have TWO vegan friends.

I will pop back and edit when I have more details, but wanted to share as very exciting. :D



*OH didn't and killed the yeast at about 50 degrees, but we added more the next day and it's OK


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I'll post if find out about rhubarb/strawberry, racking and banana liquor. We buy fruit wines at fetivals once a year- rhubarb wine and gooseberry are lovely.

OH said I'd be less excited in 2 months time about having to wait :roll::lol:

Our friend is now overwhelmed with wine but made it 2-3 times a year so there was always a batch, and there are methods that avoid the annoying straining bit.

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We've got some rhubarb vodka 'brewing' at the moment :D


600g rhubarb

300g sugar

1 litre vodka (the cheap stuff is fine)


Put everything in a sealable jar (a tall Ikea pasta jar with clamp shut lid is exactly the right size) and keep in a cool, dark place for eight weeks, inverting once a week to keep everything mixed.


After eight weeks, strain into an old vodka/gin bottle and keep in the fridge. It's DELICIOUS! :D



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