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Omelettes for dinner

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We had omelettes for dinner tonight (for some strange reason we are eating quite of them these days :lol: ). This evening when I went to collect the eggs Bron had laid an absolute corker! It was huge. I can hear you all already - yes ok, so it was a double yolk :D well no actually you are all wrong! It had three yolks!!!! :shock::shock::shock: Being a white star she's really quite a small bird. The mere thought made my eyes water. Oh and then the next normal egg that I cracked into the bowl was a double yolk :o so I ended up with a 2 egg, 5 yolk omelette (with bacon and cheese - yummy - even more so when you have a dairy allergy like I do! Real comfort food! :D )


Oh and haven't a clue where I should have posted this so sorry :? Feel free to move it to wherever it should be :) Its been a long day ...

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