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Smelly bin

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I've got an undersink kitchen bin made of plastic that I got from Ikea. I used to use plastic bags from supermarket shopping as bin liners. This year however I have determined to live a more eco friendly lifestyle so have now ran down my stock of carrier bags and now only use cloth bags and 'Onya' bags when shopping.


...so I'm just putting my rubbish into the plastic bin under the sink. Any ideas on how I can keep it from smelling though? I recognise that when I empty it i'll have to wash it out but how do I stop getting a 'rubbish' smell when the plastic lid is lifted?


My vegetable/fruit waste goes in my wormery and compost bin. Bottles (glass and plastic) and tins all go in recycling boxes. So the only stuff going into the bin is packaging and uncompostable food waste.

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The only thing I can think of is putting anything smelly straight outside into the wheelie bin if you have one. We only have a small kitchen bin and empty it at least once a day so we don't realy get smells. It helps that our council takes any food waste, including meat and bones etc, in the green garden bin.

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