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Maisy and the newbies

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Mine did this too Kannie!

I think they thought they were top of the pecking order, me included too, so felt the need to show me via ostentatious pecking! :roll:


I also found that if I handled the peckee, when I put it back in, they attacked it even more! Jealousy? Who knows? So I used to take out the aggressor and pet it to within an inch of her life, and ignore the bullied one... :cry::cry: It DID seem to make things better!

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..yes, I found exactly the same, it was far worse if I was there! I assumed too that it was either jealousy and showing me what she thought of it, or that she had something to prove to me.

It's tempting to watch over them at this stage, but I know my presence was a factor.

But, it soon gets sorted out & it won't be long before they're all happily foraging together.

Certainly letting her know that she has tons of attention & plenty of food to go round helps, including maybe scattered corn to make it feel natural to feed together.

Best wishes xx

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I noticed this too. When our new chook arrived, Henny, the top bird, would bawk loudly whilst I was in the garden. She only shut up a few mins after I went inside. So I mounted "hen watch" through the window, but out of sight so she didn't start up again. Thankfully stopped after a few days.

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