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Audrey and Greta are free-ranging!

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Well the Omlet netting arrived today (a day early which was a pleasant surprise) so tonight our girls were allowed out for the first time.


It was so lovely to see them exploring the garden and pecking their way around in the grass and undergrowth.


We were interested to see what Tigger and Trumpet would do but they wasn't a problem at all. Even when the girls went right up to the cats they didn't flinch. We thought the cats might chase the girls but they didn't even bother with that!


The girls got slightly confused though - went down the garden about 9.15pm and Audrey had gone to bed whilst Greta was mooching about in the run. Decided to leave them a bit longer and next time I looked down the garden they were both out of the run free-ranging again!


Have also got them some corn on the cob and broccoli tonight :D


Photos have been updated to show free-ranging (see signature).



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Yeh, it was great. They have been desperate to get out of the run over the weekend so it was so nice to be able to open the door and let them out. That said, their bravado wasn't all that it appeared to be as, once the opportunity was available to them, they were actually quite wary about coming out :D


Trumpet actually ran at them a couple of times but stopped short and lay down - I think he was trying to get them to play. Of course, once they're more used to everything it'll probably be them who do the chasing!



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