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spam email (downgraded to pain)

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Pretty cheesed off as someone has given my work email out to a spam email because ,I guess ,she wanted the vouchers






Anyway be warned please and this is what it says




Marks & Spencers, in conjunction with Persimmon Homes, are giving away


free vouchers. Marks & Spencers are trying word-of-mouth advertising to


introduce its products and the reward you receive for advertising for


them is free non-refundable vouchers to be used in any M&S store.




To receive your free vouchers by e-mail all you have to do is to send this


email out to 8 people (for £100 of free vouchers) or 20 people (for £500


of free vouchers). Within 2 weeks you will receive an e-mail with your


vouchers attached. They will contact you through your e-mail address.




Please mark a copy to: Andy.curran@persimmonhomes.com



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I highly doubt that there's any truth to that at all. It sounds like a variant of in idea that's been doing the rounds for at least a decade.


It's just a chain email scam, with no purpose beyond annoying people and seeing how popular someone could get their little game. And (quite possibly) getting that Andy chap at Persimmon Homes very cross by flooding his email account.


Just delete it and forget about it. And chastise whoever sent the email to you in the first place, if you recognise the source.

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Oh it's not meant to be taken seriously I Know and the source surprised me :shock: I have now been getting spam emails again in my inbox :evil::evil::evil: It's posed probs I've heard not just a silly joke.


Edit: googled it and it seems it's harmless enough, odd that I am now getting spam and haven't for a year




Anyway just don't pass it on :wink:






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