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AnnieP's rescue girls update.

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Good to see your girls are doing well Annie, and its nice to see lots of other people have rescued hens or are thinking of getting them too. Your pics are great and very encouraging!


Ours are making good progress too, although Ringo in particular is still looking the most bedraggled! We open up the run each evening, and all day at weekends if we are around: today is the first day that they have all ventured right out, gradually following Chickie out into the garden to have a good rummage around. My 3 year old grandson has been with us this weekend, and they've put up with quite a bit of stroking without looking too concerned by it.

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Thanks for all the replies everybody. Can't quite believe how lucky we have been, although I am sure OH being in charge for the week I was away and not panicking about them in the way I would have done has something to answer for it! They are very laid back and calm. They obviously take after him! :D

Have got hold of them all again today to frontline them, just to get rid of any last hangers on, and the really good news is that now I know for sure that 3 are definitely laying in the cube, having cleaned it this morning and being presented with three eggs today since. So that has taken just a week to master hopping up and down the ladder!

Still ignoring food apart from layers' mash though :evil: . I hate that stuff! Tried sweetcorn, tomato and greens today, and they've just trampled all over it. Will keep trying and I'm sure they'll get it in the end. :roll:

We've moved the other girls directly alongside today, so they can all see one another and hopefully our three "real chickens" can teach the others that you eat the stuff that their new mummy gives them! :lol:


P&P. SO glad your chooks are doing well too. Any chance of pictures? I'd love to compare!

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