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Another Fancy Dress Post - Please Help

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Seeing Lesley’s post reminded me that I am doing a gymkhana with my two girls on the 1st July and they are entering a fancy dress section. I did not want to hi-jack Lesley’s post so thought that I would start my own :D


Any ideas? Amber who is four will be riding while Olivia who is eight will be leading. I am sooooo **** at this sort of thing, my mind has gone blank :oops:

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Only ever did 2 fancy dress events on horse back when I was younger - one was as a spanish lady, with a fabulous frock and horse decked out in gold braids, the other was aa the Pink Panther rides again. horse decked out in pink and me in the pink tights, leotard, tail and ears. :roll:

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I used to do a lot of Dressage to Music (sometimes in fancy dress).


My favourite ones where 60's music with me as a Hippy and Bertie's rug decorated with flowers.


Another one was children's TV themes - me as Andy Pandy and Bert's exercise sheet decorated with Teddies and Toys.


Also spooky music with me as Dracula and Bert's black sheet covered in Bats and Cobwebs.



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Thank you guys. I knew you would not let me down :D I think I might go for the princess theme because we have the dresses :roll: The pony we are borrowing is grey so I thought that I might turn him into a unicorn :shock:


Now Snowy and Bassett, I would love to see the pics :D

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