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yup - the day Siggy started laying, I was very puzzled to find THREE eggs in the nesting box, and then later one on the roosting bars! I reckon one of these was laid the previous day, but she definitely laid two to start with - never happened since.

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We have six chooks but only one, 'splodge' lays, she is top hen in the pecking order she lays multi-coloured eggs we get two brown ones, one white one and one creamy off white one, she even lays a krypton factor challenge egg in the run under the Cube to keep us entertained.


The other five just seem to mill about and don't do much!


Every time I look in the nesting box it's poor Splodge leading by example,


She only laid two yesterday we let her off cos she must be tired!


It's tough at the top. :D:wink::wink::wink:


Kev, :wink:

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Today they laid 3 eggs?


does this happen in anyone elses chicken experience?




I have eight hens and have had 9 eggs in one day on two occasions. :lol:


Mystifying as the egg laying cycle is supposed to be around 26 hours.

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We have had odd occasions of 2 normal eggs in one day from one of our girls - Betty. However, we quite often get one softy and then one with a thin shell from her - as though she has only so much shell each day, and if she makes two eggs, they are going to be deficient in shell.


I don't bother too much any more. Anything with a shell is great, without is just a bit of a shame, but no matter what, I love to see them waddling around the garden with their lovely shiny feathers and fluffy bots!

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