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Oh Dear what have I Done ?

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Last night we were taking a stroll through the grounds (ok ok ...the garden, but sounds good !) when hubby said that he thinks we should have got a cube !! :shock: We decided on the Eglu because of the cost and space, however we have now re-arranged the garden, which we said we wouldn't do :roll: , and could accomodate the Cube ! We only had the Eglu on the 9th May !!!!

Oh my Oh my In a month we have gone from 2 hens and an eglu to 2 hens + 2 babies and contemplating a cube ! Serious saving coming up.

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MrK9 has suggested that a cube would be a better idea what with my approach to pets (we've increased by two roborovsky hamsters and two rabbits in the past three weeks!). I thought I'd stick to my guns and manage to just have two or three chickens but the more reading I do here the more I think I don't stand a chance!

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