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Pictures of my two princesses! plus a couple of questions...

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Hello everyone!

i just wanted to post a picture of my two girls!

Rose is the gingernut ranger: she hasn't laid yet.

She is very active, follows us anywhere hoping for treats, won't ever stay very far from us if we are around. she is also the only one who scratches around.

Nessa is the Miss Pepperpot. She started laying on the 2nd May. She is very much quiet, likes to laze around, does not scratch at all...


should i worry that she does not scratch around?

also, she does not seem to want to taste worms, when Rose jumps onto them like poverty jumped on the world...

is ths normal? could i have a vegetarian hen????


anyway.... they are pretty aren't they?


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Lovely picture Yannovitch.


Maybe your girls are food critics. Everyone on here says their hens go mad for snails and lettuce. Mine simply won't touch either.


Now, when it comes to a nice big juicy stag beetle that they found yesterday......well.....you would have thought all their christmases had come at once. I was the one running off down the garden because I hate the sight of great big stag beetles (not sure if they ate it all or just the legs......yukk)


PS. My Miss Pepperpot is completely different character from both my Gingernut Rangers and my Amber Star.

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Super girls Yannovitch. Don't worry about them being fussy; mine are, and they change. One month they will eat loads of lettuce, the next month it'll be cabbage. One thing they are constant about is that they don't like broccoli! They do like worms and will fight like anything over a young frog - but slugs don't enthuse them at all. Now, other people's hens are different!


We don't all like the same stuff so why should they?


One thing I would say is that I try to make sure that they've had the food they should have (layers pellets and some greens) before I give them any treats (pasta or sunflower seeds).


all the best

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