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Where can I get Shellstim ?

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:? Someone posted another shellstim stockist recently but I've forgotten it. I'm back to work in a mo, but I'll try & find it later & make a "sticky" on the forum so everyone can find it.


I swear by it, a lot of our hens do need extra calcium & vitamins. Mine have always had pultry grit with oyster shell, plus baked egg shells, but still I find that Shellstim is a helpful bonus. :)

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Managed to finally get to SPR this morning (one of those weeks :roll::roll: ).


They don't sell Shellstim any longer and haven't for a while. I wasn't able to find out if there was a reason why - discontinued :?: change in guidelines about what can and can't be sold :?: Unfortunately the lady who works there and knows everthing wasn't in today so no more details.


Can't seen to find snywhere online that does sell it any longer :?:?

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