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Having nightmares - literally!

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:( Maybe I'm over reacting a bit, but our cube is due on Saturday along with our 5 chooks, two from Omlet, three I'm collecting locally, and I can't sleep for dreaming about it, twice I've had nightmares! Once I dreamt that I waited all day and it never came then Johannes (who I've never met or spoken to in real life!) rang to say that in fact they'd decided I wasn't allowed to have one! Last night I didn't get to sleep til 2.45 for stressing about setting it all up, looking after the girls, what if OH hates them? Seeing as it's supposedly a present for Fathers Day it's quite important that he likes them!

Am I going mad, I'm really starting to wonder?! :shock:



Mrs B

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If someone is coming to put the cube together for you, it will all be as easy as pie. Every time something is missing/dodgy they go back into the van to get a spare, and there will be no problems.


The chickens will love it, and you will love them.


The only problem I can imagine is delays; and of course the dreaded crawling in to put them upstairs the first night. Everything else will be delightful.

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:shock: Thank you! Just rung Omlet (they must be sick of the sound of my voice by now!) and allegedly it's all on schedule for tomorrow - the only concern is if they'll be able to get here before 3 when I have to go to work. As it's supposed to be a surprise for OH I really REALLY want to be here, plus he'll wonder why the garden has suddenly got a wood chipped area with a little fence round it!

Can't you just guarantee that it will chuck it down with rain and they'll turn up just as I'm driving off for work!


Still waiting to find out who's bringing it as well, but hopefully, by this time on Sunday we'll finally be cubed and chooked!!!!!


:lol: Mrs B

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I can just picture it - you at work whilst your other half gets secretly aquainted with the hens & gives them sneaky treats. Hubby's don't always like us seeing their soppy sides do they? :wink:


DOn't worry about the nightmares! It's perfectly normal to dream of chickens & cubes! I've got another 7 weeks of it! Arrrrrrgggggghhhh!


Have fun!



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You are not mad (no more thabn the rest of us) and you are not the only one to have nightmares. I did too before ours arrived. :D


You will be alright, it will goes as planned and your OH will love them.


Soon all you will have to worry about is when they wil start to lay. :lol:



I am surprised "Ooops, word censored!"ody has admitted to dreaming about Johannes before :wink:

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