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'Bliss' bedding - suitable in a WIR?

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Hello. I haven't posted in this forum for months - all is well in my chicken world!! - but it's lovely to be back! :D:D Just a quick query about using 'Bliss' as a floor covering in a WIR. A friend has 2 bales to give away - free! :clap: - and has offered them to us. We've been using bark chippings so have no experience of anything else as a ground-cover layer. Our WIR has a roof and is rainproof at the side - would it be worth trying this 'freebie'?! :doh:

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Well, the new ground covering was laid today - I'll report back in a couple of days how it's faring. My 3 chooks looked rather bemused initially but were soon happily scratching around so hope they approve! :D

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