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Our first 4-egg day! (plus more random pics)

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Bizmillah has started laying ickle tiny First Eggs in a shade of beige, so now we have full egg production! :dance: Wasnt expecting her to lay yet as she's still quite young and doesnt have a comb. Another vote for Bluebelles eh? :wink:

She's quite camera shy so here's a shot of Magnifico (camera hog) that makes me laugh, she really is baffled by life..


And following a previous post another great Shetland shot, of a friend who is 5'11" riding my 10hh Shetland Tank for a laugh (check out the pose on both of them its priceless)


Have a great week everyone!

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Pride goes before a fall eh? Biz is at the vet having her crop flushed out 8.gif I got half of it out last night, but OMG what a horrible process. Was spotted by one of my liveries in the raging thunderstorm, hair plastered around my face and rain lashing my back, holding a chicken upside down like a set of disgruntled bagpipes yelling "Puke you b*tch!" Not my finest hour.

Couldnt get any more out and it was still swollen today so off to the vet in Alton. Seemed to be bits of their pecka-block and grass coming out. :cry:

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thanks Claret- she is back in the eglu for the night all food removed from the run. She even laid for me today bless her little grey and ginger heart despite the trauma at the vet.

BTW if you have a child who wants to come ride a smal lblack pony, you only have to ask (and visit)

Rhapsody x

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