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Wow first eggs

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Well I'm really excited although on 'pins' as my pekin flock has started to lay. Must admit it was quite a surprise to discover our very first egg on Sunday afternoon (or at least Salmon's), have taken a pic but not fully found how to put it on forum yet! My oldest pekins are now 28 weeks old, but I feel like an expectant mum all over again, as I found my cuckoo pekin in some discomfort yesterday, having a wet and what looked like part-prolapsed vent, clucking loudly on the coop roof. By the time I'd found helpful advice on the forum and gone back to 'help' her out, the protruding tissue had disappeared back inside. So I'm checking even more frequently on my pekins for reassurance as I don't want anything to go awry. Salmon laid again yesterday, ooh sooo warm to hold against the cheek!


Anyway we are so thrilled with our clever chooks, and today our third egg arrived, although not sure if it's Honey's or Speckles (the cuckoo). Just another seven to start laying now, all in good time. Quite a surprise to hear how noisy the pekins are when about to lay too!


Amazed I am, gives me a wonderful feeling inside, Jx.

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