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Wanted - recipe for home made exfoliator

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I am coming to the end of my bought body scrub (a nice Boots one full of nasties :oops: ) and thought it might be a good idea to start making my own now.


does anyone have any simple tried and tested recipes?


Would it be as simple as filling a pot with something like salt and topping up with some sort of oil :? If I try and use something watery the salt will dissolve won't it :?



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I have been known to mix rock salt and olive oil but don't ask for proportions!



The best 'scrub' I have ever had was in a Turksih Hamman! There was definitley oil and a very rough old cloth involved but I was blissed out so I didn't really think to ask if there was salt as well.

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:) I've not tried it yet, but I think someone (prob. Anne/Myles) talked about brown sugar (the large granules, not soft I assume) as a scalp scrub on the Hair Washing Without Shampoo topic.

Sounds a good idea, presumably it would work all over, but she did say to be gentle.

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I use sea salt, olive oil about 30 / 70% and rosemary essential oil. This can also be used on dandruff-y hair. I have tried sugar instead of salt but it does get a bit sticky when you wash it off :?

Any combination of salt and oils is great plus you can make it in small or large batches.



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Ooh, thanks all for your replies!


I can't wait to finish the bought one now so I can make a home made scrub in the container! I found a bottle of peach kernel carrier oil would this be OK to use? I have some essential oils too so may add a drop or two of Ylang Ylang :D


I will probably use cheap cooking salt to start with as it is finer and my delicate skin may not cope with sea salt :roll::oops:

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