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Hosepipe ban

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I need some info about what is classed as a hose pipe under the the regulations for our allotment AGM on Saturday.As yet We don't have a hose pipe ban but water usage is always a heated debate at the AGM as I'm acting secretary until about halfway through the meeting(when we vote the new commite) in it me in the fireing line.I've googled hose pipe ban with no success a point in the right direction would be of help

Have a look at The Water Use (Temporary Bans) Order 2010


Definition of “using a hosepipe”


3.—(1) Using a hosepipe, in relation to a purpose in section 76(2) of the Act, includes the following—


(a)drawing relevant water through a hosepipe from a container and applying it for the purpose;

(b)filling or partly filling a container with relevant water by means of a hosepipe and applying it for the purpose.

Relevant water is:

(a)watering a garden using a hosepipe;

(b)cleaning a private motor-vehicle using a hosepipe;

©watering plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises using a hosepipe;

(d)cleaning a private leisure boat using a hosepipe;

(e)filling or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool;

(f)drawing water, using a hosepipe, for domestic recreational use;

(g)filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe;

(h)filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain;

(i)cleaning walls, or windows, of domestic premises using a hosepipe;

(j)cleaning paths or patios using a hosepipe;

(k)cleaning other artificial outdoor surfaces using a hosepipe


“a garden” includes any of the following—


(a)a park;

(b)gardens open to the public;

©a lawn;

(d)a grass verge;

(e)an area of grass used for sport or recreation;

(f)an allotment garden, as defined in section 22(1) of the Allotments Act 1922(1);

(g)any area of an allotment used for non-commercial purposes;

(h)any other green space.


A hosepipe is

a flexible tube conveying water, used chiefly for watering plants and in firefighting
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