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Lucky escape!

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Half a tree fell on top of our chickens in the gales last night!! Luckily they were tucked up in their house (a solid wooden one, sadly not an eglu or a cube) at the time and are all fine!


Okay, I exaggerated a bit, but 3 great branches came down, and one went straight through the roof of the run. Poor Hubby was out once again late at night trying to rebuild it! (that's the third time he's been working late on it in a month - he worked hard to enlarge the original run when we decided to get our rescued girls, then he spent an evening reinforcing it when Paula stopped out for the night and we thought a fox might have taken her, and now he's had to rebuild the roof)


Glad to report all girls are safe and well and out in the garden now looking on and pecking with interest while Pete is busy sawing up the branches into logs!

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