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Our Maran is lovely but she's a bossy cow (sorry Lulu) which the man from Perfect Poultry said was fairly typical. Don't know about the others I'm afraid. But, Blackrocks are lovely, she's really talkative, "bawks" at you every time you go down and she's been really easy to catch for a cuddle and sits there quite happily as long as you feed her treats. Our Leghorn is very aloof / shy, Gingernut Ranger is as daft as a brush and very scatty, Pepperpot is still quite young and is quite shy and retiring, our Speckledy is lovely looking and gradually becoming more friendly (only had her 5 days) and the Calder Ranger is still shy.


I'd get a Blackrock! - not on your list I know but nothing like throwing a spanner in the works! :wink::roll:


Mrs Bertie

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