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Hiya everyone! i was just browsing through the omlet shop and i noticed they dont have any spare roosting bars for the cube, can i just ask why?

and also they dont sell automatic feeders and drinkers? by the way can someone tell me how these work?

we are getting our cube on the 24th July and it would be reallly covinent if we had a few spares. do we have to order them over the phone?

thanks for any replies

P.S what happend to the duck-lu (i dont really need to know iam just curious)


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When I ordered my cube I ordered some spare roosting bars. They're going to add them to the shop when they're on top pf things. They in fact forgot to send them out but as they had taken the money they should be coming. I would suggest making some though as the cube bars are really flimsy.

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As far as I know, the new feeder and drinker for the Cube still isn't available. People are being given a Glug and Grub, and the new equipment will be forwarded when it is made.


So the people getting their Cubes now will in a sense get spares free of charge. But I am very much looking forward to the new feeders.


How much do the spare bars for the Cube cost?

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Hi - when Omlet rang with the delivery date for my cube (7th August) I was told that I'd be getting the new drinker & feeder. Fingers crossed - I'm intrigued how they will work, but I'm sure the drinker will be great & get less dirty!

I'll study the roosting bars & probably get my friend who's a joiner to see if he can knock me a spare set up - if they're not availbale from Omlet.


Got a lot of gardening to do before delivery, everything has grown a bit too well with all the rain!



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I'm intending to make a couple of spare sets of roosting bars for my cube at the weekend.


The set I got with the cube are not robust and two of the bars have already come loose :(


They are simple things so it should be easy to make spares.


I'm also looking forward to getting automatic feeders and drinkers. My girls get the water very dirty.


Helen in Hume

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