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Martin B

Quail Update

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I now have 18 quail. With 25 eggs in the incubator. Good job a customer came to pick up 3 quail yesterday!




That would be me then :lol::roll:


They are beautiful - we called them Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Spice (the cockerel) They are in temporary housing at the moment - will be moving to the small ark this weekend and a purpose built aviary in one corner of a chicken run area soon.

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Hi AuntyE


I tried to set 21 quail eggs under Claret's borrowed broody bantam - it wasn't a success. Some eggs were broken and some were eaten. Luckily, i placed two hen eggs under her as well and she hatched those out.


I think even a bantam is too heavy for quail eggs. A site i was looking at over the weekend says that even quail don't make good broodies as they squah together and can crush the eggs :roll:


worht trying if you also put a couple of hen eggs with her as well - it is shame if a hen sits for days and has nothing to show for it :(


Quail eggs take 17/18 days I think.

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