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We looked at getting warrens but apparently they only lay for about 20 months. Thy're supposed to be friendly though. Amber stars are supposed to be lovely and friendly. :lol::lol:


As for light sussex cross I think they are flighty so not recommended if you have small children.


Don't know if this helps.


Be warned chicken keeping is definitely addictive. :lol:

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Why not get three hens? You know it makes sense.


Amber Stars are wonderful. My little one has just started to lay, and her first pure white egg had three yolks: I have never had so many before.


She is the friendliest of all the eight chickens I have had. I wouldn't say she was the prettiest: her amber markings are erratic and make her look dirty, but she comes to me all the time and when I pick her up she does not struggle to be put down like the others.


It is so nice to have white eggs. All my other hens lay eggs roughly the same shade of brown.

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