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Chicks due soon

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Hi Everyone. My chicks are due on wednesday, and we have brought some chick crumb for them to eat. Could anyone tell me do I feed the chick crumb dry or mix it with water? I know they don't need feed for a day or two.

Any other advice would be great.


By the way they are being sat on by my lovely broody hen Pepperpot and not in an incubator.


Big thank you! :):)

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As you've got a broody there will be very little for you to do - and you know now not to try moving her!!! :lol:


Just make sure you have a water container which is safe for chicks - you can also place pebbles in the water so that they can't drown. The Mummy hen will show them everything they need to know, will protect them and keep them warm. So much easier than using an incubator!


Good Luck!

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