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Musical chickens!

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Can anyone tell me if they have ever left the radio on for their chickens?

My hubby has been in his workshop shed today with the radio on & door open - the result..... quiet, content, well behaved, listening chickens!!!!


It's like they enjoy the music / company & are in some sort of trance. We've not tried classic FM yet, but they seem to like Radio 2 & our local station....easy listening & pop!

They are really into Enrique Iglesias ' ping pong song' at the moment, they inform me it's the right beat for strutting!



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Our dogs are rather partial to Radio 2 - especially Ask Elvis :wink::lol:


Yes our dogs like the radio too but they prefer Radio 1 as they are very 'down with the kids' and like listening to Scot Mills in the afternoon :lol:


As for the chooks they love the birdie song! :lol::lol::lol:

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Some of us were discussing this the other day :)


My girls love to be sung and spoken too and we have regular chats!


My dog is 8 years old and we either leave the tv on (if its dark) or by day she has radio 2 on (starting with Sarah Kennedy) when I go to work. I think it helps with the boredom :lol:


If we are out in the garden we place the radio so we can here it and im sure the girls love it too :lol:

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