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Job adverts - humour/wording

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During my job search for some light relief I've been collecting phrases that make me laugh/look again at the wording


My favourite:

Anatomy Demonstrator

You will be responsible primarily for demonstrating gross anatomy :roll:


European computer driving license (turns out to be real qualification in NHS, makes me picture driving computers with wheels down the road)


role: inserting phones...... :shock:


Strong telephone attitude

maybe goes with...

Middle Weight Web Developer


Experience of working delinquent accounts (makes me think of badly behaved accounts)


This is an exciting role for a traditional PA who is looking to work within a modern open plan office environment.

(I laugh as it sounds like that is the only criteria for choosing the job)


The grammar on this really rattles me:

Our client is looking for an experience Office Clerk to work within there busy on site mini "call centre".

This is not like a normal call centre environment, its where the tennets call when they need repairs etc on their houses.


This company is very enlightened:

4 Please tick as appropriate Male Female Transgender


Monster jobs asked how far I was willing to travel in %

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%:?

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I liked delinquent accounts too. But what exactly does it mean?


There's nothing funny about the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)! I have just completed it, allegedly for fun (and to show that elderly people can cope with computers), and it was horrible. I had to learn Outlook, Access, and Powerpoint from scratch, and also greatly improve my Excel skills. The only modules I had a chance of passing without a lot of work were Word, Internet Explorer, and the introductory ones.


(And there is an Advanced ECDL as well, but I don't know if I can face it.)

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ECDL I would say is more for general office workers (or general pc users at home) rather than anyone in the IT industry......For IT companies or IT support staff the ECDL is too general and probably not of a high enough level.


A good certificate to have though if you need to use pc's in your job.

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