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Tall or short UGG?

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I have ultra short ones, but then I only ever wear them with jeans & wouldn't wear the jeans tucked in.

I got mine direct from Ugg Australia, & they were really good value from there.

I see they have a sale on at the moment (use the Ebay currency convertor to see how much in £)

I didn't have to pay any import duty either.


If you have never had a pair you are in for a treat....they are so cosy warm,snug & comfy




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I love my short UGGS and was never out of them through winter. I think that unless you plan to wear them with skirts or cropped trousers the short ones are fine.

Don't be put off by the price you'll definitely get your wear out of them.

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I don't :shock:

I wear 100% cotton socks with mine, & they have been fine, but I know some people get baggy sock syndome with them (you know, when you end up with 6 inches of sock hanging from your toes & nothing on your ankle) :roll::lol:


That happens if I wear socks with my crocs :roll: It drives me mad :evil:

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You are supposed to wear your uggs with no socks on. I've never worn socks in mine and it means your feet never sweat.......not that ladies do! :oops:


:shock: I would have thought that it would make them smelly but if your feet do not sweat :?

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