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sophie and ben

flies around eglu

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Try citronella oil!


We put a couple of drops on kitchen roll and tuck it under the run shade and also in the droppings tray. It works really well in the warm weather :D




edit - Sarah beat me to it!


We do exactly the same and it works a treat! fab ! :D

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I mix the citronella with eucalyptus oil, & am going to get a flitrap as well....

I put the oil on kitchen roll as mentioned before, & also sprinkle it on the roosting bars. Some people also use 'stallosan" (not sure of the spelling) but I'm sure that another Omleteer will be along with more details on that soon :D

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The thing about the flitrap and products like it is that it will actually attract flies into your garden, al beit to their deaths so I would be careful where I located it, i.e. not near neighbours windows.


Citronella does work well I would try that first.



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