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They're out!

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or rather they were out, after being with us a month we finally let the girls out. Basically this is because whilst cleaning it out I picked up Hermione for a cuddle only to find she had an open wound on her bum where Rainbow had pulled her feathers out. :( So that was enough to galvanise OH into action and he finally secured the fence at the bottom of the garden. They were beside themselves - Hermione and Rainbow were first out, two had to have their wings clipped which I'm pleased to say I did without batting an eyelid! Then the others followed, a bit more cautiously, and they were funny every so often they'd go back to make sure the door was open, but Loveheart (who is like some daffy scatterbrain) kept forgetting where the door was and ran about panicking trying to find her way back in. Then Lulu decided to have a dust bath in my (mostly) empty veg patch, only she dug a hole so big she was almost below the level of the dirt. They were as happy as free range chickens! My OH said he didn't know who was happier they were out, them or me! :lol::D

Happy days!



Mrs Bertie

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we let our chickens out yesterday we only had them on tuesday so i was worried but my 2 daughters were desperate to let them have the run of the garden.

i have to say they have been fab they follow you around and are so amusing

they even went back in their run when asked

cant wait for the next big thing eggs

i would agree with you they do seem happy chickens out to play


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