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Slugs on the Grub...AARRGGHH

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Hi, I found loads (well, probably only about 6 !) of slugs in and on my two grubs this morning and slime everywhere. I washed the two grubs but there were still bits of slime.


Is there a way to stop the slugs going anywhere near the grubs ?? The slugs are driving me mad :evil: !!


I know that it has been mentioned somewhere on here, although I can't find it, about chicken friendly slug pellets. Has anyone used these and does anyone know where I can get them from ?


Does anyone know of a slugwatch ??!! :D


Thanks in advance :)

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If you want to leave the Grub out at night, you will have to kill the slugs before they get to it. But I would be wary of using pellets anywhere near the chickens -- and remember that they have extraordinarly long necks as far as forbidden items are concerned. Perhaps "slug pubs" that are put out only at night when the chickens are locked up would be a possibility?


An alternative is to ignore the slugs. The chickens will enjoy eating them far more than eating their pellets.


The solution I employ is to take the Grub in at night. The chickens don't need food then, so leaving it out is really an invitation to slugs and rats. I used to leave it out, but I got rats (and was horrified to learn that pellets contain the antidote to rat poison). Since bringing the food in every night, it has stayed cleaner, there is no wastage, and no slugs, and no rats. I now find bringing it in much less trouble than not.

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Regarding chickens not eating slugs - I found that mine wouldn't until they knew what was inside! Once I'd pre-squashed a couple for them, they realised they were good to eat and now they just tuck in!


:vom: I just can't bring myself to ... or snails, either! my grub often has a slug lurking on it. I don't think my chickens read the job description. :wink:

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we've noticed a lot of slugs lately, mine arent on the grub, but early in the morning when i open the eglu door there are loads in the run! :shock:


maybe its the wet weather? :think:


my girls would never eat slugs either!


are slugs just snails without shells? ...ive often wondered?! :think::lol:

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