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Oh my word, chickens can have tantrums!

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Yesterday, I tricked my Light Sussex i(Zena, princess warrier Fox fighter, a big name with a history!)nto coming off her nesting box(she has been broody for weeks and weeks) by enticing her down with some corn spaced in strategic places eventually leading down the gangplank into the run. As soon as she had cleared the drawbridge (thanks what we call it1) I raised it up.....Well when she turned around and saw what I had done she went balistic! The racket that ensured for the next few minutes was unbelievable, I could hardly believe my ears and eyes!!! It took me back to the toddlers days....and I did all the wrong things...I rewarded her for the racket by throwing more corn at her to shut her up....Now I'm sure she hates me......I could have been worse, I could have dumped in her a bucket of wateer to cool down.....so chikens can flounce eh?

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Flounce is and understatement. My bantams, when they are broody or a total nightmare.


If you pick up Dilly Dilly or Pumpkin out of the eglu they screech as though the are being murdered (no exaggeration honestly). They attack me, peck me and even chase me sometimes :lol::lol:


They really do look :twisted: but they don't realise that they are so tiny their beaks don't hurt in the slightest!


My neighbour kept and eye on them for a few days over the weekend and wouldn't even come out for sunflower seeds.


She said that they looked so sad and were pining for me :roll:

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Little madams! I've only ever had one broody. She was broody in total for about 8 weeks and it was Autumn/Winter! But I have to say that she was the opposite, she went so sweet wanted cuddles, didn't peck us or anything!

I kept dunking her and it eventually worked!


I've yet to have a stroppy broody - heaven help me! But I am wanting pekins, so it is bound to happen in the near future!


I can just picture them sulking! :lol:



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That's so funny!! I honestly hadn't really thought that chickens would have so much personality, however after reading your post and others on here it sounds like they really do!! I now just hope mine will like me :anxious::-D

Until I got my chickens I didn't think they had personalities, too. You will soon learn their little ways..... :wink:

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