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Berties birds....

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......it appears I have lost my mind, not only do I look after chickens, talk about chickens to my friends (I still have a few left - they all do this :roll: ), it appears I now take pictures of them and show them off to my friends, to people I work with, strangers in the checkout queue, as though they were my children! :shock:

Has it come to this?! :shock:

Let's see if I can bore you lot too........












I think that's how I did it - stand by to edit. :?


Mrs Bertie

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Wow that was weird, i was just looking through the gallery at your pics and just finished looking and then this came up!!!!

Lovely chickens!! iam sure everyone will know when i get mine. the milk man allready knows and so does everyone in Sainsburys!!

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May have the same state of mind as you Mrs Bertie - talk about the chooks at work and my collegues go :roll:


Take even more pictures of the chooks and OH goes :roll:


Not yet got as far as showing the pics to stangers in the checkout though but that may well come shortly :)


Lovely photos though, I especially was taken with photo no. 3 the black and white girl with the huge comb and fierce look. What sort is she?


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fab pics. :D


You arent alone with the chicken-itis. Me and hubby are chook mad.....who else sings and talks to their chickens? :oops::oops:


Family/friends and colleagues have gone waaaay past the stage of doing this :roll:


in their eyes we are completely bonkers, we get told so all the time! :lol:


chickens rule !!

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The black and white one is an exchequer leghorn, she's lovely to look at, very lean and cockerel shaped! When she decides to she makes every noise bar cock-a-doodle-do, in fact we went back to the breeders to make sure "she" wasn't a "he"! :shock: Then she laid eggs so we were convinced! Sadly having laid us three eggs she now seems to have decided that she's done her bit and we've had none since but there you go. She's very shy too altho since they've been out free ranging she's getting friendlier. :)

Watching her sunbathing today was a giggle - she lay on her side on the grass, stretched out her legs, then stretched out one wing and basked! 8) Looked like she'd been run over!


And Snowy Howells, I hope you say that VERY LOUDLY, so that everyone in the nearby cream aisle and butter aisle can hear you - I do! :oops:


Mrs Bertie

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I do that snowy when im shopping, or I have to have a comment to Andy if I see someone picking up caged hens eggs......I find I cant help myself anymore, usually something like "can you beleive people buy those horrible cheap eggs" I must be awful to go shopping with......


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I am ashamed to say that when I meet someone new, I find an opportunity to drop 'oh yes, I keep CHICKENS' into the conversation as soon as possible! :oops::oops: Hadn't thought about the supermarket egg shelves ... I usually go shopping on my own though, so if I stand there muttering about having my own eggs, I might get some funny looks.


I'm afraid most of my friends - despite having clubbed together to get me the Eglu as a present - think I'm absolutely bonkers to want chickens in the first place, and can't understand the attraction. They don't mind getting free eggs, though! :wink:

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