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many folks use a clear plastic shower curtain, it works well as it lets in the light but keeps out most of the wet, however if it was really warm and sunny (highly unlikely this year :roll: ) I would remove it on that certain day.


We have the winter and summer shade, they have faded a little and dont really keep downpours out as the wet seeps through.


About a month ago, we bought a wooden parasol, rather extravagant for 2 chickens I know :oops: but we have the run extension and we have the parasol by the run door (it has a cast iron base) and it keeps the sun out and has really been a god send with the wet weather too !! :D

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I got my winter shade as an extra with my second-hand eglu.... I don't think that it has leaked, but having said that I don't go visiting the girls in the heavy downpours we have been having :lol:

Next time I go to Ikea I am going to pick up a couple of shower curtians, as the winter shade makes the run really gloomy, & I want my girls to get as much light as poss in winter, just like me :D

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I found the summer and winter shades pretty useless and very expensive.

I had a couple of visits from mr fox who ripped the winter shades to pieces and at £20 a go gave up.They also do not provide adequate cover in heavy rain.

So, I went to B&Q, bought their smallest and cheapest cover,about £3.98, folded it to fit and secured it to the run with the bungess that I saved from the winter cover.Perfect, and it keeps the rain and sun out. :D

Not that we get any sun :(


(green eglu)



(brown guinea)(brown guinea)(guinea)(white guinea)


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