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Wedding present suggestions!

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Ok, my best friend is getting married on Saturday and I need ideas for a present! Originally they where going to move to New Zealand at the end of the year and just asked for money for furniture, but now they're moving down south instead (from manchester) once they find a nice house with a garden. I had hoped to get a hamper up together with chutney I've made, eggs from the hens, and produce from the garden with a bottle of bubbly, but I haven't had much of a harvest this year :roll: I did think perhaps I could do a small bundle of gardening things with a promise of buying them a tree when they're settled, what do you think? Any suggestions?

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Hi - my sister got married in June & she had a rosebush called ' Wedding Day'. It was in a nice large pot & it was the most talked about present at the wedding. An unusual thoughtful present! Or if you have time, make them a cross stitch sampler with their names & dates of marriage on. Nice clocks went down well too, my sister had 2 lovely clocks - they weren't carriage clocks. One was an obviously expensive wooden antique looking clock, the other was silver and the front opened up and it was a trinket box - both were beautiful.

You mentioned gardening things. Hows about buying them a basket with gardening gloves and small hand tools in & a voucher for their favourite garden centre ( they can then buy plants or garden bits & bobs).

Or hows about a patio heater or chiminea?

Other nice vouchers are Laura Ashley & Ikea.


Just a few ideas.....Good luck



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What about an Apple Tree. They can watch it grow with every year they are in their new house.


We did that for our son when he turned 1. Something to keep forever and a reminder of their big day.


The rose bush is also a good idea too. We had one from friends and loved it.



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