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Who Could Resist These.......

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With all the pain i have had with these mites, then the wasps nest, i have had to go in and see to the babies, who could resist these, they are soooooo adorable. x











They are now 10 weeks old, and cant wait till i can get them mixing with the rest. though still cant tell yet if they are girls or boys!!,


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If you put [*url] instead of [*img] (ignore the *!) you can create a link to the gallery.


If you want to display the picture directly on the page you need a Photobucket account or similar.


Very straightforward.

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I actually bought the eggs for them on Ebay..... ( you can just get about everything on there) :lol::lol: as my two twins, ( blue pekins ) were broody, i moved them to a little rabbit run and left them sitting on the eggs, I managed to get 5 out of the 6 eggs, so feel rather proud of myself for it. even though i just fed and watered them.


I have taken the twins out now, but they both made great mums, they didnt fight over the babies, and they shared the responsibilities of them. I have one frizzle and 4 smooth, i still cant tell what sex they are at the mo, but i am told they should start to loose their baby feathers around now, so hopefully that should help...


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