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Does anyone here keep Poland Bantams?

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Does anyone here keep Chamois Poland Bantams?, I have 5 which are about 10 weeks old, I want some advice really about mixing them with my other girls,

Having since read an article about not mixing them with normal chickens i am a bit worried and am after some advice,



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I think that there are a couple. I also think that Claret has one amongst her 8


I was going to get one or two, but got a bit put off by different views of their topknot hair styles.


I am sure someone will be along soon.

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I have a Poland - shes an absolute nutter :roll:

She has always mixed well with other bantams, & now lives with her best pal,Sherbert the psycho Pekin 8)


She never seems to be able to see very well with her mad hair do, so shes easy to nseak up on & pick up. I would be concerned about her being bullied by bigger hens for that reason too.

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