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Where can I get baby guinea pigs from in Fleet Sad Update

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I am looking to get 2 girl piggies :D

After losing our dog in the summer I miss having something to cuddle in the evenings. And something to talk to.

I've had piggies before but wanted to get some as young as possible, and before hubby changes his mind :lol:


Does anyone breed piggies near me or know where I can get some young ones from ?

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Well I finally found some piggies in a petshop yesterday :D

I chose 2 girls and the indoor cage, got all the food sorted and all the other bits and pieces.

We drove them home and got them settled and left them alone as suggested.


Hubby had already been sneezing in the petshop, and snuffled when we got them home, then this morning when we got up he was very wheezy - and he hadn't even touched the guinea pigs.

I phoned the petshop and asked if they could take them back as his asthma would only get worse with them having to live indoors, and they said they would.


I'm sad that I had to take them back as they were such sweet little things but I couldn't put hubby through all that asthma stuff. We didn't even have them 24 hours :(

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How sad it didn't work out for you :( Like your husband I am really allergic to guinea pigs and I only found out when we bought a couple about 5 years ago. Ours were outside but even going near them caused me to feel unwell and my throat started to swell up. It was really upsetting and a bit worrying as although I am allergic to a lot of animals I had never had this sort of symptom. We had to give them to DD's friend.

We have our poodle which I am fine with and a rabbit who only causes me to become wheezy if I am in an enclosed area with her. I hope you can find another pet that will be suitable for you both.

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It is very unusual to be allergic to guinea pigs as they have hair and not fur. Could it have been the hay do you think? I am sorry you had to take them back. Could you not consider trying again and keeping them outdoors? My girls live outside all year round, all my guineas have and I have been keeping them for 9 years now

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Millie-Annie, I was hoping that the hair would be ok too but hubby even started snuffling while we were in the petshop :(

Even though they were the sweetest little piggies I have decided not to have any more and to stick to chickens.

We have a rabbit outside and hubby often gets the hay for me but it doesn't seem to affect him then.

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