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I've not posted for a while, but our girls have kept us thoroughly amused in the meantime. The thing that makes me laugh the most, is that each night when I go out and say goodnight to them and check via the egg port that they are OK, a different chook is in the nest box area, snuggled up for the night. So last night it was Delores, tonight it is Dotty and tomorrow it will be Dib Dab, next day Delores again - the order never varies! The other two are on the bars. What good turn taking! The funny thing is that in the morning, there is no variation in the order they choose to lay - it is always Delores first, then Dib Dab chases her off then Dotty languishes on the nest for a couple of hours having a very leisurely lay. My 2 year old knows exactly which egg is laid by which hen by looking at the shells.


It makes me smile every night, heading out to see them and finding them exactly as I expect each night.



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I like it when they form a pyramid with one chicken on the other two, or if I have to collect eggs from under Megan as she sleeps in the nest box.

I did spend about a week noting down what chicken slept where as they seemed to be trying out combinations when I added a new chicken.

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They are very funny. We've only had ours a week...


I came down stairs at lunch time today to get a drink from the kitchen and there they all were looking at their refelections in the oven!!


They had however left a rather unfortunate present on the kitchen floor for me!!


Where's the wife when you need her!??!? :wink:

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Ours left us a little present in the kitchen the other day, :oops: but don't tell the other half, "NO CHICKENS IN THE KITCHEN!!" Trouble is, they're desperate to come in! I've got a stable door and when you look over it seven pairs of beady eyes look up at you from the step just PLEADING to be let in to hoover up the crumbs from whatever you've been cooking. :roll:


Mrs B

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Well, yes they are really funny and i love watching them, but mine have no order, its just a free for all.

One of the little bantams, (the twins) always makes a noise when she wants to lay because 9 times out of 10 there is always someone on the nest and when she wants to lay an egg, she want to lay it ..NOW!!!.


I cant tell the difference between the eggs, except for the bantams as they are small. and they dont lay in any order, so at the mo i am getting 3 eggs out of 5 chickens, and i havent got a clue which one is which :oops::oops:


But the eggs are all tasty and i wouldnt swap the girls for all the money in the world......

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