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Kathy C

Getting nervous now....

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I start my new job on Monday and am getting a bit excited/nervous.


I will be a tutor at an agricultural college, not lecturing but monitoring progress. I haven't worked for nearly a year as I got work related stress from being a science teacher. I feel that this new start, with older students doing a vocational course, will use my skills but not cause me to get ill again (I hope).


I am looking forward to the challenge but am sad about leaving my chickens and, of course, the forum each day. How will I get everything done? In the winter I may not even see my hens during the week :cry: .


Please could you wish me well and give me a forum hug?

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That's really great, you should be proud. :D

I'm sure you'll be fine, after shaking off the initial nerves. It's often less scary when you actually get there.

Older students should be a lot different I think, and would hopefully want to be there. I think in the worst case senario you would spot the warning signs of stress better this time, and be confident of changing job again.

So...nothing to worry about, good luck. :D

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Im sure you will be fine. It will be daunting to start off with, but after your "back in the swing" of things it will be all ok and you will be wondering what you were worrying about.


Even after I was off sick from work for a while last xmas I was worried about going back to work, after an hour at work it was like I was never away! :roll:


Chin up, one step at a time, and it will be just fine. :D


let us know how your 1st day goes!

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