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Nicola O

Dog Toileting Issues (warning - poo talk)

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If the crate is not big enough for her to stand up and turn around then she should not spend an extended period of time in it. If it is, then she should be fine. You can put a dish of water in with her. If you are worried about her tipping the bowl, you can buy ones that clip onto the side of the crate.

Hi. The crate I was given is a very large one so she does have tons of room in it, I meant more like wandering around the room :lol: She had a couple of spells in it today when I had to pop out - I gave her a couple of kibbles after she went in, and another before letting her out. I want her to be happy and comfortable in it, but she must be used to a crate already as she was not at all worried about being shut in it.

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Hi again - thought I would re-visit this with an update.


About 4 weeks ago I took the plunge and switched Rosie to raw and it helped immediately with the poo's, as she now only goes twice, perhaps three times a day. We are still using the crate which she is more than happy to be in. She sleeps in it every night, but only has a couple of days a week in it when I'm at work so she has a couple of days to freely wander about the room. Apart from one odd accident she has been completely clean.


She's currently eating Natures Menu and is looking better already. Her coat has improved and there is virtually no shedding now, and she has lost weight. It seems odd that she had such a small amount of kibble but was still quite chubby (though when she saw the vet when she had the runs she said that Rosie's intestines felt inflamed so perhaps it was bloating, not fat) and now eats more in raw food but is losing weight and is actually developing a waist (wish I could get one of them :oops: ) so I suppose it goes to show that the raw is suiting her better.


All in all, very happy with the way things are going :D

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So pleased things are more positive for you at last and you are enjoying her more!! What a relief for you :D:D

Definitely :D

I haven't been able to get hold of your Nutriment man yet (have been really busy the last few weeks and it did slip my mind) but will keep trying him as a lot of you seem to really rate Nutriment. I've also found a company in Basildon called Paws Pantry - I wonder if any of you in Omlet Land have tried them?

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Sorry a bit late to the party. I have heard from friends that Natures Menu can cause more poos than necessary. Give Nutriment a try, just google.


Natures Menu also has a habit of turning up at pet food shops off and stinking - several reports recently from users and friends at pet shops.


If she has settled, have a word with the people at Nutriment and see what you think.

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