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Guest Dilly

And the winner is.................

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Thanks to all of you who chose names and special thanks to all those who took the trouble to vote.


Right this minute Scrabble is out freeranging in the garden with the others in the pouring rain!


Her very first experience of rain - she seems to be enjoying it.


I phoned the breeder last night (I may get her a sister). Scrabble seems happy enough, but she does not hang around with the rest of them - I think it might be because she is the only Modern English Game Bird (yes I checked with the breeder and she is modern and not Old as I thought :lol: )


He suggested I see how things were after a week. She is not being bullied or anything - just sometimes seems a bit lonely.


I started the conversation, 'I hope you don't think I am being silly but.......'


(I think he may have though)


He reassured me that she will hang out with the gang given time - I have only had her and the Rosecombs since Thursday night :roll:


He also said that you do get chickens who just go about their business on their own and that they are not unhappy. He also said that there is always one bully in a flock! And best of all he said I could have another Modern English Game Bantam if I wanted one. :lol::roll:


Watch this space- can I last out a week!

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Torrential rain now - although it wasn't at 7am when I went out to the girls - by 9am it was really bad.


Got my omlet apron on, and just about to tackles two carrier bags of mixed squash :roll:


Going to make a massive ratatouille type thingy in preserving pans and every big pan I own.


Onions, peppers, shallots, garlic, tomatoes too, and anything else I fancy to chuck in.


I read yesterday's paper this morning, and feel sick to the stomach to read that ASDA are selling 3lb chickens for £2 - paying the farmers 2p each for them - and the poor things are reared in the most appalling conditions - worse than battery hens by the sounds of it. Fed on rich corn mixes full of antibiotics and killed by the time they are 6 weeks old. How can people buy them?


It just re-iterates that me (and lots like us on here) are doing the right thing by not only being aware of chickens health and husbandry - but by being very selective where we get out meat from.


I am so lucky having found a local farm where I can get pork and beef from a caring farmer whose animals live a natural and well cared for life in the fields. And I am now getting all my milk from her (rich creamy goats milk) which tastes out of this world compared to the goats milk I bought in the supermarket.


Ah well - can't put the whole animal world to rights - but we can all play our little bit to help and support those who are trying.


Off to my multicoloured courgettes marathon - I may be some time :wink:

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Have fun Dilly :D


I saw something similar too, and it brought tears to my eyes thinking of how they were kept. It makes me so angry when you see people at the shops, piling their trollies high with cheap meat and rubbish food when there's so much better food to be had, and if you choose carefully, it needn't be expensive either. I'm out scrumping the hedgerows at this time of year and we're eating fabulous summer puddings for next to nothing :D All our meat comes from farmers' markets or directly from the farm as does the veg, unless we get it from the garden or Phil's folks.

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Poor chickens - killed at 6 weeks :shock: , they've had no life at all :( We buy ours at 4 weeks and keep them for anything up to about 6/7 months, all happily scratching about outside. I can't bear to think what those poor chicks are missing :(


I don't think you'll last the week Dilly :lol: - I think it would be nice for Scrabble to have a companion :wink:

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Scrabble lays small bantam eggs with a pointy end.


I too think she looks gangly and more like the Road Runner cartoon - but it is nice to have a variety of different colours and breeds imho (otherwise I would have all pekin bantams)


I might be waiting more than a week. I found somewhere in Bedfordshire (late last night) not far from where my son lives who have different breeds of bantam that I don't have.


I really shouldn't - but I feel a visit to my son coming on sometime soon.


Where does he live?


Oh - in the same area I just happen to have found this breeder. :D


I am not sure if I dare - but who knows - maybe I could smuggle just one more or so in. :wink:


But I might not. Decisions decisions.


It's not as though I don't have the space :) - but we only eat a couple of eggs each a week :roll:


They are so cheap to keep :lol:


But how will I ever be able to squeeze any more in my profile list, its full up!


Oh dear - more sleepless nights :lol::lol:

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They look really funny in motion too - they have an odd sort of Max Wall/John Cleese type walk.


Myself, I prefer my hens to be rounded and plump looking.


A bit like me you mean - on both counts? :lol:

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