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Martin B

Jamie's Carbonnara

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If you watched Jamie Oliver's programme tonight, like me you would have druelled over the Carbonarra that he made in the first part of the show. If you missed it, or didn't write it down, I've just watched it again and wrote down the recipe as it happened.





5 medium sized courgettes

5 strips of locally reared bacon

100g of Penne pasta per person

1 egg yolk (per person)

25ml cream (per person)

Freshly Grated Parmesan


1. Chop the 5 strips of bacon roughly, into small pieces.

2. Add olive oil to a hot pan and then chuck in the roughly chopped bacon.

3. Put the pasta in a pan of boiling hot water, and leave for 6 minutes.

4. Cut the cougettes in half, and then into quarters. Diagonally slice the courgettes, so they look like the PENNE.

5. When the bacon is gold and crispy, add the courgette pieces to the frying pan.

6. Immediately add lots of pepper, for both heat and seasoning, you can also add bits of thyme aswell.

7. Toss the pan to mix all the flavours.

8. Now you need to make the source whilst the mix is still in the pan. In a seperate bowl add 1 egg yolk (per person), 25ml of cream(per person) and a good handful of freshly grated parmesan. Mix it all together. Leave it to one side.

9. Take the pasta off heat, and drain it.

10. Add the pasta to the courgettes and bacon, and toss it a few times to mix.

11. Then take the frying pan off the heat. Initially you will hear the pan still sizzling, it is important that you let the sizzle die down or you will have omelette.

12. When the heat eventually subsides pour the sauce over the courgettes, bacon and pasta.

13. Using the water from the pasta, add 1 or 2 ladels to make the sauce runny and silky.

14. Toss a few times, to completly cover the ingredients with the sauce.

15. Serve warm.

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Just watched it whilst eating my bran flakes.


I loved the bit (blink and you missed it) where he turned the courgette flower to the camera and there was a tiny frog in it......the image was cleverly transformed into a drawing. A visual delight.....which I have thought the whole programme to be so far.


Later he found a bee in another one. :lol:

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