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Introducing Bess and Alfie...

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Thought you might like to see some photos of the other 2 animal members of my family (given that i have Milo as my avatar and have posted plenty of photos of chooks and ducks) Bess and Alfie are 4 years old now and DH's favourites (he named Alfie after the eastenders character :roll: and wanted to name Bess Kat but i put my foot down in that even though he tried to justify it by saying it was Kat with a 'K')Men... :roll::roll:


Here they are as kittens with me... (bess is grey - alfie ginger)




With F-I-L




All grown up...




They really are the loveliest friendliest cats you could ask for - having always been a dog person myself i now think they are fantastic!

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they look very snuggley and cuddly....lovely :)


are they friendly cats? Im a dog person too and I only like cats who do that "kneeding with their paw thing" on yer lap !! :)


They are sometimes TOOOO friendly! Bess wakes me up in the morning kneading any bit of bare skin she can find! Actually they are cute when they knead and purr. You just can't tell with cats though - we got lucky with ours being so friendly - some cats are just boring and anti social. I still prefer dogs... But the deal was i get a dog DH has a cat but he got 2 (reckon i am owed a dog...) Anyway they like me better then him anyway! :lol:

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