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2 Female Indian Runner ducks

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I was wondering if anyone may be able to give me some advise - yesterday we got 2 x female Indian Runner ducks for our large garden. We purchased them from a commerical farm, they are last years ducklings, so I am told. We have owned Aylesbury ducks before, but this was many years ago now and I don't remember them having problems settling. We bought the Indian runners home yesterday and they were understandably terrified. They didn't eat all day and they spent most the time in their house.. I did once spot them splashing around on their pond. We currently have them in a large run with their house and pond, but we'd like them to have free range of the garden for foraging once they have settled, as I think it would over whelm them now.


My concerns are that they are so terrified of us, that although they are now eating a little (but in the comfort of their house) they won't come out and explore their new home. I know they need time to settled, but they are particularly nervous, which I wasn't expecting - is there anything we can do to make it easier for them? I hate to see them stressed and I worry they might hurt themselves in a frantic panic! Some have suggested peas, but they won't eat a thing unless I put it in their house and even then they aren't eating much.


Any advise would be gratefully received! I just want them to be happy ducks and seeing them both huddled in the house and not doing anything else breaks my heart to see.

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Hi I did post a message days ago but looks like it didn't post might be my kindle lol I know it's tough watching the girls be so flighty but honestly give them time they will come to realise you don't mean them any harm on nice days sit outside with them and offer them lots of treats mine go nuts for sweet corn they probably haven't had much human one to one contact and they are creatures of habit and hate change sends them into a panic lol leanne :)

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Hi I have 3 male Indian Runner ducks, which we raised since ducklings. Runners can be a little flighty even my boys that know us well get in a panic about things. If you sit quietly after a while they will come to you ....persevere it might take several attempts of sitting but they don't like change and if you sit in the same place each time they will get to know you( try and do it at the same time each day as they like a routine).


I put some of their greens in water, the boys especially like watercress and spinach in a bucket of water, when i give them corn in the afternoon i often put this in their water as they do like a good sift!. I think the previous responder is right they are probably not used to human contact and need a bit of time to adjust.


My boys also like weetabix made with warm water in an old marg tub for a treat...you could try that to see if it carries favour. Hope that is helpful.

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