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Hmm...what to hatch

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Decision made :D Going to Portugal in March, and hatching from some bought eggs, and hopefully one of my obliging girls (either Pekin or Wyandotte bantam) when we get home :dance:


So now to decide what to get! Currently have 2 Wyandotte bantams a pekin and an araucana bantam and will keep up to 4 of any girls I hatch.


Definitely want pekin. But then something else...thinking Barnevelder bantam, or gold or blue laced Wyandotte, or barred Plymouth Rock, or Speckled Sussex... help!!


Also can anyone advise on how many eggs would be a good number for a pekin/ Wyandotte bantam.

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I nearly bought a couple of gold laced wyandottes a long time ago but they were £45 each and in the end I decided against it BUT they were very beautiful.

I still love my Pekins and would breed those if I could but I don't have any ideas about the other breeds you have mentioned, or how many eggs you could fit under a broody girl.

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