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Piggy at vet

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I took Glen, our sole surviving piggy now, to the vet on Monday as he'd been sitting hunched up and not acting like himself, and I thought I felt something abnormal on his tummy. He's been eating and drinking normally though, which is good. Anyway, the vet wanted him back this morning to give him an anaesthetic to take a full-body x-ray and possibly a biopsy. I have to phone them this afternoon to find out what they've discovered and when to pick him up. I'm trying not to worry. . . :anxious:

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I'm devastated :(:(:( His heart was failing and what I felt on his tummy was fluid build up which was pressing on his heart. We had to have him put to sleep. It's such a shock :( . The house seems so quiet without him now. We will get more piggies, but not just now.


Run freely over the rainbow bridge, Glen (brown guinea) .



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