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is this lazy????

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There are a few Omleteers who use the Link-a-boards F&C and they really are a good idea, not to mention saving you a lot of time and effort making your own from scratch (especially being busy Mummy and Daddy) You might find a thread somewhere about them if memory serves me well, and I think Debs and Dan have them too if want to ask any questions, I'm sure they won't mind.


If we had any spare pennies at all, I'd have them in a shot.



Edit: here you go, I've found Dan's thread: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10893&highlight=linkaboards

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oh its not lazy... i might get some

i made some from the wooden log solid straight lawn edging with the stakes at each end so i just banged them in a filled with compost, i made triangular beds as it was easier for the kids to reach (as the beds were for them)

i think they were £9-£10 each to buy (three sections for each one)

the linkaboards ones will probably last longer and are bigger so i might get some while they are on offer

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